150x125-atonementAtonement Bootcamp
Time to pay for your transgressions – the Seven Deadly Sins: Ice cream, French fries, double mocha latte, triple chocolate cake, chips, movie theatre popcorn …


Low Impact Interval Training
Don’t have the time to work out 3 hours a day?  Interval training is the fastest way to get fit.

No dance experience necessary — just bring your exurberance for a fun and energy-filled hour with the top Zumba instructors in L.A. Sweat and …

150x125-absBody Conditioning & Stretch
Sculpt your way to the perfect beach body. Learn insider tricks from private training methods and blast off into the next level of fitness.

150x125-chiphopHip Hop – “D” Real Deal
Beyonce and Jay Z can’t touch this! Seriously torch some body fat as you work yourself through rigorous street dance moves with intermediate …

150x125-seniorsFun Fit Seniors
55 is not just the speed limit — it’s the beginning of the new you. Keep ligaments and joints limber and your muscles toned just like “the good ol’ days.”

150x125-abs2Abs, Arms & *ss

Target the most important areas and get ready for summer!


150x125-atonementFun Fit 101
The perfect beginner’s class to bring you to the body you’ve always dreamed of. Our experienced instructors will coach you through a basic work-out: the perfect balance of warm-up, cardio, strength training and cool-down.

1080x400-yogaRestorative Yoga
Note: Instructor is on sabbatical; no class until further notice. Restorative Yoga is designed to help you relax, renew, refresh, relieve stress, and soothe frayed nerves.  We use bolsters, blankets,…

150x125-pregPrenatal Workout
Pick that belly off the ground and be the sexiest new mom or mom-to-be on your block. With music turned down, pregnancy fitness specialists will lead a safe …

Herkie, jazz-hands, and pompons galore. High kicks and short skirts, you know the score! With fabulous music and short choreographed routines …

150x125-boxing50 Shades of Boxing
Yo, Adrian! Nothing will tone and sculpt your back and shoulders like shadow-box training with our pros. Bring your gloves; this class is for the serious cardio fitness student.

Dynamic Duo
Pair up and blast your way to fitness with partner-integrated workouts. Challenge each other …


Ultimate Barre
Not your average barre class; no wonder it’s called The Ultimate! First. Sweat with a fun low-impact cardio warm-up followed by challenging barre …