150x125-atonementAtonement Bootcamp
Time to pay for your transgressions – the Seven Deadly Sins: Ice cream, French fries, double mocha latte, triple chocolate cake, chips, movie theatre popcorn …


Low Impact Interval Training
Don’t have the time to work out 3 hours a day?  Interval training is the fastest way to get fit.

No dance experience necessary — just bring your exurberance for a fun and energy-filled hour with the top Zumba instructors in L.A. Sweat and …

150x125-absBody Conditioning & Stretch
Sculpt your way to the perfect beach body. Learn insider tricks from private training methods and blast off into the next level of fitness.

150x125-chiphopHip Hop – “D” Real Deal
Beyonce and Jay Z can’t touch this! Seriously torch some body fat as you work yourself through rigorous street dance moves with intermediate …

150x125-seniorsFun Fit Seniors
55 is not just the speed limit — it’s the beginning of the new you. Keep ligaments and joints limber and your muscles toned just like “the good ol’ days.”

150x125-abs2Abs, Arms & *ss

Target the most important areas and get ready for summer!


150x125-atonementFun Fit 101
The perfect beginner’s class to bring you to the body you’ve always dreamed of. Our experienced instructors will coach you through a basic work-out: the perfect balance of warm-up, cardio, strength training and cool-down.

1080x400-yogaRestorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is designed to help you relax, renew, refresh, relieve stress, and soothe frayed nerves.  We use bolsters, blankets, and blocks to prop students in passive poses so that the body can…

150x125-pregPrenatal Workout
Pick that belly off the ground and be the sexiest new mom or mom-to-be on your block. With music turned down, pregnancy fitness specialists will lead a safe …

Herkie, jazz-hands, and pompons galore. High kicks and short skirts, you know the score! With fabulous music and short choreographed routines …

150x125-boxing50 Shades of Boxing
Yo, Adrian! Nothing will tone and sculpt your back and shoulders like shadow-box training with our pros. Bring your gloves; this class is for the serious cardio fitness student.

150x125-kickCardio Kickboxing
No one will mess with you when you have punched and kicked your way to supermodel legs, abs, and buns of titanium. Sweat like it’s nobody’s business …

Ultimate Barre
Not your average barre class; no wonder it’s called The Ultimate! First. Sweat with a fun low-impact cardio warm-up followed by challenging barre …